10 04, 2014


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7 02, 2014

The Death of Keyword Ranking Reports? Whiteboard Friday

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This is an interesting look at SEO reporting. From my perspective, while I agree with the presentation, it misses the [...]

9 01, 2014


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14 11, 2013

CSS 3 Border Radius Property and browser compatibility

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A very common issue when using CSS3 to add border-radius to web site elements is  incompatibility with older browser. To [...]

14 03, 2013

.HTACCESS SEO tips for redirecting an old site to a new site

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Apache servers, which is the technology used by most web servers, offer a great way to manage information via .HTACCESS [...]

27 02, 2013

Batch changing permissions on OSX

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I thought that I'd pass this little App along... I recently had to format the boot drive on my MacPRo [...]

8 01, 2013

Create a .ico favicon file using Photoshop

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This is a frequent request and one that is simple but not intuitive. There are many plug-ins available for Photoshop [...]