May 5th, Richmond, RI: many business owners do not understand why their web sites underperform or why their competitors’ websites perform very well in search engines. The ‘website’ is, often the primary marketing tool for many businesses but the marketing performance is often not understood.

To peel the onion back and provide marketing managers and business owners with website marketing performance data, Web Strategic Marketing has introduced a reporting service which will analyze both the SEO (search engine optimization ) performance of a web site and the competitive landscape analysis.

“All of Web Strategic Marketing’s clients want their website to be ranked # 1 but they have little knowledge why they are not number one or why they cannot out perform their competition. With the introduction of this reporting service, which includes a one-hour question and answer review session, the clients are provided with a great insight into their web sites competitive positioning” said George Ross, President of Web Strategic Marketing.

The customized report will, in addition to analyzing the SEO of the site, benchmark the web site against three competitors and will analyze the performance of 6 keywords as well as providing insight into the keyword strategy of the competitors.

The report is priced at $299 and includes a one-hour review of the data. To find out more visit www.webstrategicmarketing/report.html