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Search Engine Optimized Websites from the Ground Up.

For a Rhode Island Web Design, the first question that we ask out clients is…”What is the objective of your web site?”

Think about that question for a moment and then look at your own web site and ask yourself whether or not your web site is in alignment with your business goals.

The Web Strategic Marketing Web Design Methodology:

  • Complete a search engine optimization analysis
  • Complete a competitive landscape analysis: Benchmark the client company’s web site presence, and performance, to that of the client’s primary competitors
  • Analyze the Google Analytics (if applicable) performance
  • Analyze the social media presence
  • Develop an understanding for the client company’s business/marketing plan
  • Evaluate the presentation of the products and services against the business objective/marketing plan.
  • Develop a key word strategy

So far, we haven’t written a piece of code.

Your web site can only be truly successful if it reflects your business goals and objectives, it is your primary marketing tool and must reflect your marketing strategy/business plan.

One last step before we begin the design, we will create a set of metrics, for the existing website, to create a benchmark to measure the performance of the new website. After all,  we all operate in a results-based marketplace.

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    The Following Are Case Studies Using Different Web Design Technologies

    Example 1: HTML5/CSS/Bootstrap/PHP & My/SQL Website

    RI Web Designer
    • Html5
    • Bootstrap
    • PHP (for the database pages)
    • My/SQL for the product database

    Camino Modular is a fully responsive HTML5 website,  using bootstrap to make it fully functional on all mobile platforms. The challenge for all businesses that have a large product line is to organize the products and supporting data in an intuitive fashion. For this site, I used a ‘mega-menu’ to simplify site navigation. On the critical product pages, I used ‘tabbed panels’ to organize the product information. This method of presenting the data improves the user experiences because the user does not have to scroll down to find information.

    Rhode Island Web DesignerAll the product support information is available above the fold.

    The default tab is a list of all the available products in a tabular fashion. The maintenance of managing so many products would be horrendous. So, to make site maintenance simple, I organized all of the information in a My/SQL database.What this means is that the data you see is not physically on the web page but in a separate database and the web page pulls the information for the database to display it.

    This method of website design permits the client to update the product information by updating the product data with a My/SQL client.

    Throughout the remainder of the site, I used  ‘Accordions’ to manage the data to maintain continuity of the user experience on this website.

    Rhode island Web Designer

    I use Adobe Dreamweaver to design my HTML5/CSS websites. It is possible for the client to make changes to the website and add new pages to the website without the involvement of a web designer by using Adobe Contribute which converts a regular HTML website into a CMS (Content Management System)

    This site is a very nice example of a product orientated web design.


    Example 2: WordPress with WooCommerce and LMS (Learning Module System) Website

    RI Web Designer
    • WordPress
    • WooCommerce
    • Avada Theme
    • LearnDash LMS
    • Multiple Plug-Ins
    • Search Engine Optimized
    • Mutiple Blogs Segmented By Category
    • Multi-language

    WordPress is an open source website creation tool written in PHP. It easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) available with a plethora of functional plug-ins of which most are free-of-charge. I recommend WordPress to all of my smaller clients who have a tight budget because:

    • WordPress (shared hosting) is inexpensive. Web hosting can be  as little as a few dollars per month. I recommend going with a WordPress dedicated web hosting package because they offer:
      • Database back-ups
      • Website staging
      • Increased speed and security
      • Dedicated WordPress technical support
    • The client and can easily edit and update the website
    • Multiple users with different access levels can be assigned.

    One of the challenges that this site presented was the ability to sell online courses using what is known as an LMS (Learning Management System) this technology permits users to buy online courses and take these courses online.

    Another was the ability to categorize and present course support information.

    Using the WordPress platform, I used WooCommerce to provide the eCommerce engine; this is a robust eCommerce product. To provide the LMS functionality, I used LearnDash LMS with Grassblade XPI (which is installed on the server). The integration of these modules permitted me to build a very slick online store to sell these courses and permit the users to take the courses to completion on the website.

    The Avada WordPress theme is the top-selling WordPress theme and has a great range of functionality and great technical support  – at the time of writing the price for this theme was $59  – one of the advantages of this theme is the ability to install multiple sidebars and the installation of multiple-blogs  – you can control the content of each blog by defining which post category is displayed.

    To solve the multi-language aspect of the new site I utilized the free-of-charge Google Translator. Avada is WPML compliant, but there are annual license fees to use the service,  so Google Translator provides a nice alternative.

    This site is a nice example of the use of blogs to manage data and eCommerce.


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