A common scenario for Google Analytics users is for a client to request access to the  Analytics for their web site. Sounds like a fair request but what happens if you have multiple Google Analytics accounts? Well, the smart folks at Google have thought about this and have set up a reporting mechanism where by you can permit access for others to look at the analytics of a single site while protecting the data of others. To do this follow this process:

Step 1) You client must have an email that is associated with a Google Account, if not, set it up!!

Step 2) Open up the Google Analytics dashboard and select  your clients web site, when the window opens up, select ‘User manager’

Step 3) When the user manager window opens up select ‘add user’ per below:

Step 4) Enter you client’s email address (which must be associated with a Google Account) and select ‘View reports only”

…and select ‘save changes. The process is now complete.

Your client will now be able to login to Google Analytics and access analytics for their own site without being able to access the analytics of you other sites.