Viral marketing ( sometimes called word-of-mouth marketing) is yet another buzzword which adds a little glamor to what is effectively grass-roots marketing by utilizing pre-existing WEB2.0 / Social Medium networking marketing platforms. The concept is relatively simple… market an idea to one person, that person tells 6 others, and those 6 each tell 6 others and before long we have created a very strong brand with little investment through what is called self-replicating viral processes. When it works the return on marketing investment is tremendous.

The following was ranked the # 1 viral Ad in 2008 and is a follow-up to the Budweiser Ad ‘Wassuuup’ from the turn of the decade Eight years later the director of the original, create an ad for Obama’s presidential campaign, using the same but older characters whose life had changed. Whatever your politics, the humor of the Ad pulls you in. It’s viral, it’s catchy and you want to share it with your friends.

Note – you do not have to agree with a viral ad for it to be successful, you just need to talk about it and email it to your friends, post it on blogs etc. The word quickly spreads.

With over 7 millions views on YouTube – it got everyone talking and became truly viral.