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Rhode Island Social Media Marketing

rhode island social media marketing

Web Strategic Marketing utilizes conventional marketing principles but with a new, developing, set of marking tactics utilizing Social Media Platforms to create an internet ‘word-of-mouth’ about a company, event, product or service. Creating this ‘word-of-mouth’ advertising from user-to-user cannot only be very positive but it can be extremely powerful and extremely cost-effective.

Social Media can be utilized as a business’s Marketing Communications delivery system. The Social media-marketing program should be integrated into a businesses marketing plan and not considered separately.

Social media should NOT be considered a unilateral marketing message delivery system otherwise the program will fail because social media users do not want to see a constant stream of sales messages on their Twitter feed or Facebook page. Instead, the social media-marketing program should be about engagement with your market – it must be multilateral in approach – a conversation platform with the businesses target market.

There are many Social Media networks well beyond Facebook and Twitter  and selection of the appropriate Social Media Networks will depend on the business and the target market(s).

An example:

A business in the Wedding market should consider Pinterest as an important part of their Social Media Strategy. Why? The modern bride uses Pinterest to collect ideas and images for their upcoming weddings.

A business in the Sports Market should consider Facebook as an important part of their Social Media strategy because of the proliferation of sporting images and discussions on Facebook and the ease of identifying the target demographic.

Facebook marketing in Rhode Island

Features and Benefits

1+ Billion registered users with more that 2 billion active users per week million daily users


Facebook provides business users with a a set of usable metrics that provide great granularity of detail from the demographic make up of the users on you page to the detail breakdown of the activity on each post. The detail permits the business user to target their posts to their target markets.

RI Social Media

Facebook business users can offer discounts, called Facebook Offers which can be redeemed against their products or services. The great benefit of Facebook offers is the opportunities for exposure of the offer the Facebook user engagement. To claim an offer a user  clicks on  Get Offer from the post anywhere it is seen  on Facebook, and Facebook will send  an email with details about how to redeem the offer. Please note that the business page must have at least 50 fans before the Offer function becomes available.

RI Social Media Marketing

Facebook in many regards is an advertisers dream because it facilitates advertising to a specific demographic with a specific interest. In the example below, the advertisement is targeted to:

  • Users in the United States
  • Have expressed and interest in Rhode Island, Photography and Basketball
  • Men and Women between the ages of 21 and 65

facebook advertising in rhode island

Facebook provides business on opportunity to engage with prospective customers and established customers. Using Facebook insights we can study behaviors and optimize the post strategy for maximum effectiveness.

ri social media

Social Media In Rhode island

Features and Benefits

Twitter offers a great opportunity for the proliferation of your brand but just like other elements of your marketing program  Brand Management  is paramount. On Twitter you will need to do the following:

  • Have a specific brand voice.
  • Optimize the businesses 140 character company bio to reflect your brand essence and promise.
  • The Twitter home page design and background must reflect your brand. Examples of good use of the Twitter home page is Spotify  and Coca Cola
  • Adopt a specific strategy for Twitter and stick with it: consistency is key to success
  • Do you need a separate account for support issues? Instagram and Blackberry does.

You may not be using Twitter but your customers are, join the discussion and protect and develop your brand.

Engage with your customers and respond rapidly to issues. As stated in the Branding section many businesses have dedicated ‘Support/Help’ Twitter accounts. The following is an example of how Instagram communicates support issues via Twitter:
rhode island social media

Improve your competitive intelligence by:

  • Following your competitors to find out what they are discussing
  • Identify who your competitors are following (You will find many of your competitors customers)
  • Follow target accounts to identify what opportunities may be available for your business
  • Follow your customers to make sure that you fully understand all that is going on within the accounts

Twitter is an instant communication platform – respond immediately to issues concerning your brand.

Rhode Island Social media marketing


Why use Pinterest for business

  • Create a compelling brand presence online
  • Expand reach and sales
  • Grow the your businesses ‘community’
  • Make it easy to discover your products
  • Send high-quality traffic to your website
  • Clearly communicate design ideas with clients
  • Discover unique products


Features and Benefits

  • Create ‘how to’ videos to explain you products and services
  • Create content fills a relevant need
  • Establish a YouTube business channel to market your brand
  • Create a following for your videos
  • Engage with your fans
  • Utilize YouTube search strength
  • Search Engine Optimize your videos
  • Add a call to action on all videos


LinkedIn Marketing in Rhode Island


Features and Benefits

  • Attract targeted business clients
  • Create a company page
  • Showcase products and services
  • ‘Exact’ targeted advertising
  • Generate new leads by creating or engaging in LinkedIn groups
  • Get Found
  • Create a targeted  online community
  • Maintain brand awareness
  • Demonstrate a leading edge social media strategy




Web Strategic Marketing will develop and execute a social media marketing strategy for your business