Today I just wanted to draw your attention to a recent trend: personal landing pages. These are websites that pull your personal social media links together all on one page, making it easy for others to find you across a range of social media sites.

A personal favorite is The site is very popular among creatives and designers because it offers a more eye catching way to display yourself than say a LinkedIn page. is extremely simple to use and if you put enough thought into it you can create a gorgeous personal landing page while building upon your SEO. profiles

The set up is extremely easy. Simply pick an image for your profile’s background. The higher the resolution the better as the image will fill the page’s entire background. Enter  your name, a headline, and a paragraph about yourself under the “Biography” tab. Lastly, link in your different social media profiles under the “Services” tab. has a good list of the most commonly used social networks. You can also “Add a URL”, say to your personal site, and a link will be generated below your social media profile links. supported services Other personal landing page websites you might like to check out include: