In order to achieve a high Google page rank, you web site must be seen to be popular amongst the users of the Internet and there is a very complicated algorithm that is used to complete the page rank calculation.

Popularity is often thought of as the number of backlinks (inlinks) to your site but there are other methods of increasing your site’s popularity ( off site SEO) and one such  method is a Social Bookmarking service, which means you can save all your bookmarks online, share them with other people, and see what other people are bookmarking.

So, the more people that bookmark your web site on the more popular your site will be; and this  is one important tactic to increasing the page rank of your site.

You can adopt a passive strategy and wait until browsers bookmark your site or you can adopt a pro-active marketing strategy by:

  • Encourage all of your company employees to bookmark your site
  • Encourage all of your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and myspace contacts to book mark your site
  • Ask your social media friends to spread the good news about your site through their networks

Delicious should be a component of any social media networking marketing program.