Does Your Website Make It Easy to Be Found via Voice Commands

With the advent of voice search on our mobile devices, voice queries are typically conversational and tend to are longer. Often voice queries are questions “Where is…?”, What is the nearest…?” etc.

We need to think about how your target audience speaks about your products and services. Historically, we search engine optimized for short-tail keywords but the advent of voice search pulls long-tailed keywords into play, such as:

  • “What coffee shops are open?”
  • “Which coffee shop is the best?”
  • “What coffee shop is open late?”
  • “Does the coffee shop deliver?”

A great place to research long-tailed keywords is to use the website ‘Answer the Public’

Other useful resources are:

Many voice queries are for local content, and this means that we should be using geo-targeted keywords (optimizing for local search) such as:

  • Photographers in Rhode island
  • Restaurants in Wakefield, Rhode Island

Other actions which can impact the efficiency of voice search:

  • Keep your Google business listing up-to-date
  • Use Schema Meta data

So, in 2020 website voice optimization is paramount, especially for consumer-based businesses.

Google’s History of Voice Search

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