One of  problems associated  with Social Media Networking is that it can be overwhelming to a new user (marketer). However, there are tools that can be employed to automate the process. In my last blog entry I detailed the connectivity between Facebook and Twitter. When  Facebook and Twitter are connected, by updating your company ‘page’ on Facebook you will automatically send a tweet to Twitter. One data entry point will feed two Social Media networking platforms.

We can take a similar approach to connect your company blog to LinkedIn such that every blog entry will automatically appear on your company LinkedIn ‘page’.


Set up a Feedburner account for your blog and  the simply add the Feedburner address to you LinkedIn account.

Simple! while on the surface this may not seem like much but the fundamental problem with Social Media Network marketing is keeping current with every platform. So, by reducing the data entry point to two, we can feed 4 elements of Web2.0 marketing media. The simpler we can make Social Media Marketing for the marketers who use it  on a day-to-day basis, the more effective the marketing programs will become.