Facebook has now officially adopted the #Hashtag

The proliferation of the the Twitter Hashtag has found it’s way into Facebook. Interestingly, most of the Facebook hashtag use was to provide irony of emphasis e.g. #justsayin

…now it is for real!

You can use Hashtags to:

  • Search from your search bar.
  • Click on Hashtags from third part services, such as Instagram.
  • Click on the Hashtag in a message to see all posts that have used that Hashtag

While the personal user will continue to use the Hashtag to provide Irony and Emphasis in a post, the real value of the Hashtag,  just as it is for Twitter, is for the business user. Business user, but clicking on hashtags can now find people and pages that share a common  interest..separating the wheat from the chaff!

That makes the Facebook Hashtag a very powerful marketing tool!