Learn About Facebook Pages

Facebook have redesigned their business pages  and the new layout will go into effect for everyone on 3/31/2012. Until then,  businesses have an opportunity to experiment with design layouts and get familiar with the new features.

The graphic below is from my photography business page and this provides an example of how one can graphically portray one’s business using the timeline style image.

rhode island social media marketing

The following is a very good, interactive, tutorial  produced  by Facebook and I highly recommend that you take a few moments to review it.


This interactive course will help you use Facebook Pages to tell your story, express your identity, and connect with your audience.

This course is currently available in English. Additional versions are coming soon in French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Japanese.

To launch the course, make sure any pop-up blockers are disabled. When you click the button, the course will open in a new window.