For businesses, managing the marketing process via Social Media Networking can simply be overwhelming but there are a couple of methods to simplify the process, here is one such method:

It is questionable whether Twitter is a truly a good platform for B2B marketing but one thing is for sure is that it should not be over-looked because of it’s reach. Reach, however, is not everything – any marketer who has ever worked a trade show, with thousands and thousands of visitors, will understand that we do not want to waste our time on ‘tire-kickers’ we want to find our ‘A’ class prospects.  Not easy to do on with a marketing media whose very foundation is the ‘shotgun marketing method’, whereas in the B2B world we really want to adopt a ‘rifle-shot approach’ and create a following from our target market segments.

To collect followers that is in your market space:

  • Add a ‘Follow-me’ Twitter Icon to your company web site
  • Add a ’Follow-me’ Twitter URL in your company’s email template
  • Add a “Follow-me’ Twitter logo on all marketing collateral

By adopting these tactics, you will build a targeted following and as you build this following, not use Twitter to make your Twitter posts but instead use Facebook!

Sorry for switching gears on you!  But Facebook has connectivity with Twitter and we want to take advantage of this connectivity to expand our marketing reach and minimize our work.

In Facebook, create a Company ‘Page’ and then use exactly the same tactics as detailed above to create ‘Fans’ for your company Facebook page.

And here’s the rub…

Facebook provides connectivity to Twitter. Simply set up your Facebook Company Page to link to Twitter and, every time you update your Facebook page, Twitter will send that same information via a Tweet to all your Twitter followers.

Enter your marketing information once and distribute it via both Facebook and Twitter.